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This residency offers offers competitive professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists, designers, and photographers age 22 and over.
Exhibition of Artist-in-Residence Cristóbal Sarro (Mexico)
Contextualizing the artistic heritage of Puebla and understanding the development of its material culture is fundamental to comprehend modern and contemporary art in Mexico. The role of Puebla in the history of art is undeniable, especially considering the tradition of patronage and collecting, having such importance that several private art collections from Puebla became the foundation for the National Museum of Art and many other national cultural institutions. More than 18 museums, six important universities for visual arts, and a growing population of artists and art students call Puebla home. Through Arquetopias international Artist-in-Residence Programs, Puebla is becoming a hub for visual arts education and discussion.
The Arquetopia Showcase Program is committed to engaging contemporary art practices with local visual culture and critical perspectives through the exhibitions and public programs of DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia. The Showcase Art Exhibition Residency aims to connect with the cultural artistic production of Puebla by engaging a greater community in the discussion of international contemporary art.
DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia is designed as an exhibition space for open processes, critical dialogues, experimentation, and learning at the intersection of Arquetopia’s mission. It is a space to facilitate encounters through the visual arts and in different levels, with the goal of decentering contemporary artistic practices, and establishing connections between Arquetopia’s international community and the local production of art. Its mission is to generate open relationships between emerging and established, as well as local and international artists, and diverse audiences to open channels for the dissemination of critical ideas. The gallery’s annual program is comprised of four curated exhibitions, and a selection of open studios, lectures, round tables, and guided tours connected to Arquetopia’s international programs, generating critical dialogues and learning opportunities in connection with the diverse local communities.
DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia was recently featured by Hyperallergic.
Various spaces within DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia, being prepared for mounting of recent exhibition
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  • All residency projects should be research-based, engaging the critical texts provided by Arquetopia advisors. It is mandatory for the exhibition to establish a dialogue with the material culture of Puebla, including local public art collections, archives, narratives, and especially considering historical consciousness.
  • Considering the focus of Decentered Gallery Arquetopia, all exhibitions will be presented as an open research process, and not as a product-based exhibition with a commercial focus.
  • Knowing that each exhibition project is unique is not a requirement for the process/work to be for sale.
  • Artists will engage with the local community by participating in the gallery’s public programs, including giving lectures, facilitating workshops, etc.
  • All proposals should consider 1) the dimensions of the gallery; and 2) to preserve integrity of the space.
DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia will cover the exhibition mounting costs, digital publicity, and local press, as well as the opening reception. All art production costs, including materials, will be covered by the artist.
DECENTERED Gallery Arquetopia, being prepared for mounting of recent exhibition   
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Showcase1 Showcase5
Exhibition of Artist-in-Residence Mark De Fraeye (Belgium)
Term of 5 weeks. Dates are not predetermined but are nominated by the applicant.
Staff Support:
  • Each resident meets weekly with our staff for individualized research assistance/resources, project guidance and coordination, and critiques
Accommodation and Meals:
  • Furnished, private bedroom
  • Meals and 24-hour access to stocked kitchen and large dining room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Use of Arquetopia's residency spaces including 4th-floor lounge and outdoor terraces
  • Shared bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers
  • Housekeeping
Studio Workspace:
  • 24-hour access to large and bright, shared art studio with generous natural light
  • Personal workspace with large table and wall space
  • Some tools provided
  • Equipped darkroom provided for photographers
  • For self-directed residencies, artists bring their own materials and supplies or obtain them locally
  • Exhibition mounting costs, digital publicity, and local press, and opening reception included
  • Access to special facilities (such as our gallery) provided
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for fee and application deadlines for this program.

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